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When people hear of a $2 million life insurance policy, some get shocked. Especially those who do not know the importance of life coverage, they may think it is a waste of money. If you purchase such a large policy, you are certain that the lifestyle of your loved ones will not change even after your death. But if you opt for a small-size life insurance policy that cannot even cater to outstanding bills, then your family will be in trouble once you join your ancestors. Finding a $500,000 life insurance policy is just the same as finding a $2 million policy. The only difference is that you will pay higher premiums for a larger policy.

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you leave behind, you should at least look at purchasing a policy to cover those. ife at age 70 is likely to look very different than it did at age 40 or even 50. Your children are grown up and living their own lives, and you may even have grandchildren.

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If you have a term life insurance policy, your spouse may receive enough money from the policy’s death benefit to pay off – or at least keep up with – the mortgage. Fabric, a Brooklyn, NY-based life insurance broker, said a big myth is that term life insurance is a waste of money. You don’t get term life dollars back if you outlive your policy, but life insurance should be seen as an investment that would mitigate the most critical risk to your family. Fabric compares Mug Life it to home insurance, which people also don’t benefit from financially if they never file a claim. Guaranteed universal life insurance should be used as an alternative to whole life insurance.

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When comparing whole life vs universal life, the winner will be determined by your unique goals and objectives. Whereupon a certain age, the parent or grandparent can then transfer ownership over to the child, who has now reached adulthood. And the parent or grandparent can be the owner of the policy and direct whether or not the funds can be accessed.

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