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To overcome this situation of our readers, I have compiled this exclusive article. Ghost Prank is an amazing entertainment application that will help you to entertain yourself in your free time by using this amazing Ghost and spirits analyzing application. This app will provide you different sensors that will help you to detect paranormal activities at any location that you want. This app will help you to find Ghosts and spirits near you. You can go to different places by opening this app on your Android phone and it will detect any paranormal activities around you.

This app offers you a fun way to check out your friend’s true gender too. I strongly recommend Scary Siren Head Call Video Prank as good entertainment software. With over 874+ and counting downloads, it is a safe game to download, install, and share with friends. If you like investigations of the paranormal, then this one of the Ghost Hunting Apps is for you.

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Check your body temperature and show others that you are suffering from fever. You can also use this prank on others by asking them to place their finger in the scan area and the app will quickly calculate their body temperature, BP and sugar level. Set what you think about others as they are smart, dumb, beautiful, ugly, funny and boring.

  • Just because you and your friends have grown up now doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with each other, right?
  • Start adding tomorrow’s Digital Earth features to products and services, and capture the future.
  • If you notice that any content in our app violates copyrights than please inform us so that we remove that content.
  • Plus, discover a tool that lets you remove ghost followers in bulk.
  • Or you can add ghosts even in previously taken photos.

If you are more of a website person and not an app person, you can check out the best prank call websites. Want your friends to think you are getting an important call and you still prefer them over celebrities Like President or any other celebrities? Fake Caller helps you to select a caller from your contact list or enter the new contact. One can also select the time for calling and set up multiple fake calls for different timings. “Record your voice” feature allows you to record fake caller voice. This recorded voice can be played automatically when you will get a call.

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With this app you can scare your friend as when they use your phone, a horrifying photo will suddenly appear and that with terrifying sound in the background. You only need to select a horrifying picture and terrifying sound and then you can set timer after which you want to scare your friends. This app also has feature of call now in which you can press the button for instant fake call.

I subtly moved the right thumbstick, default mouse emulation, and Ghost Prank apk free download racked in the laughs as my friend shook the mouse, then lifted the mouse, then shook it again in frustration. Xpadder doesn’t add support to the game, it emulates the K/M. This means that I can set my wireless 360 controller, which has a range of 30 feet, to function as the mouse.

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