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What a disappointment it is to learn that things are a LOT harder than that! At least they’re harder in most cases, I will mention an exception shortly. OK, we’ve gotten this far and we have a few rules of thumb to use in getting to our short list. Now that you’re down to just 2 or 3 choices, it’s time to evaluate those choices. That’s because it’ll take that long to get past the initial frustration and learning curve so you can begin to discover whether the package suits you or not. In this day and age, why consider a pure 2D CAD system? All the reputable 3D systems can read and write DXF and can create 2D models as well.

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MeshCAM has thrown away most of this in the interests of simplicity. That means you get g-code for simple jobs done a LOT faster. MeshCAM’s G-Code programs may be longer than other CAM software.

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We”ll go over each one and see what you should look for before purchasing the CNC software and what some of the best choices for you to consider are. Before we do that, I want to touch on a couple of more general topics. First, I want to go over whether Free Software is right for you.

  • ” makes people look at you like you’re a friggin’ wizard.
  • It’s affordable and it has been battle tested for many years.
  • The best commercial vinyl cutting machine is the Roland GX-24.
  • If you’re moving beyond the basics of cutting thin wood/acrylic/cardboard or engraving glass, research it.
  • Gone are the days when the cheapest machines were tens of thousands of dollars, and when the “compact” models were roughly the size of a freezer.
  • Other things (PVC!) will straight up emit chlorine gas when you hit them with a laser.

The less powerful CAM program you want in this case is MeshCAM. When I discovered how easy it is to get results with MeshCAM, I went straight to the developers and begged them to let me be a MeshCAM dealer. I wanted to be able to share this incredible find with others, especially beginners. Personally, I think every beginner should start with MeshCAM and graduate to something more powerful when you’re ready. It will get you making real parts faster than anything else out there.

If you’re building a CNC Machine, or waiting for one to arrive, spend that time wisely trying out CAD packages to find the right one for you. BTW, the leading CAD software for Pros is SolidWorks, and download Nitro PDF Reader for Windows 10 the leading CAM software is Mastercam, though Fusion 360 is getting there fast. As I already mentioned, there’s a lot to learn to be making parts successfully and routinely via CNC. Do you really want to have to fight an uphill battle against non-intuitive and often buggy software just to save a couple of bucks? Most of the free software that’s available (but not all!) is vastly inferior to the paid, and there are many paid packages that are not all that expensive anyway.

This is part of the whole efficiency thing, but looked at in a slightly different way. Unless your CNC Machine is old and has very little memory, this just isn’t going to matter to you at all.

I wanted it to help beginners to help themselves before they got into trouble. In many cases, they make you use them whether or not you need them.

The answer is not obvious, despite what your wallet may be telling you. The problem is that free software is seldom the best in anything but price.

If you’re open to choosing the right simplified CAM software instead of insisting on the all-time most powerful CAM, you can greatly reduce your learning curve. Every beginner hears that bit about the role of CAM software and they get the wrong impression about 90% of CAM programs. They think they’re just going to load the CAD into the CAM package, push a button, and out comes their g-code ready to go.

Bonus Tool: Incognito

There are two things that I want you to take away about prospects for integration. First, it is far more important that you have a great CAD package than that you have an integrated CADCAM package. Most of the all-in-one packages with two exceptions are riddled with compromise when we talk about CAM software that has built-in CAD function. For that reason, I highly recommend that if you want integration, you look for CAM that integrates with a successful CAD vendor’s package. It so happens that Fusion 360 is such a package, which is probably why it is the one exception. You’re going to need to invest 2 weeks or so trying out each package you put on your short list, and I advise you to try to put 3 packages on the list.

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