Mariella Velezmoro, AFS student from Lima, Peru, now attending Mayville Central School, said, “I love it in the U

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Mariella Velezmoro, AFS student from Lima, Peru <a href="">important hyperlink</a>, now attending Mayville Central School, said, “I love it in the U

  • Principal Gustavus Bentley of Washington estown and Mrs. Bentley, had received a letter from their daughter, Ruth Bentley Sibbett, from Jerusalem. Mrs. Sibbett had been spending the summer there. Her husband had been on a business trip in Arabia. His work being finished, they were on their way home. An excerpt from the letter, written shortly after war was declared in Europe, stated: “There is a mad Europe between us! Like everybody else who can read and write, we have only one subject of thought, the war. I’m glad I have a hearth in Chautauqua County. My main feeling is one of complete helplessness in the face of inevitability. All anyone can do is to sit about and wait, which is one of the most difficult occupations.”

In 1964, Lakewood Area Jaycees felt that they had been thwarted in their efforts to keep the children off the streets. The road, a county highway, divided the Town of Ellicott on the east from the Village of Lakewood on the west. The shoulders were narrow and along the east side was an open ditch which often contained the overflow of five septic tanks located on property on that side. Officially, the speed limit was 50 miles an hour on the Town of Ellicott side and 25 miles an hour on the Lakewood side.

The Jaycees organization had been working for two years to get a walkway constructed along the Townline Road from Fairmount Avenue south, toward Southwestern Central School, a route traveled daily by hundreds of youngsters

Two Cleveland teenage girls who had come to England three weeks ago so they could be near the Beatles, were picked up by London police. Scotland Yard officials said the girls, Martha Schendell and Janice Hockings, both 16, were “none the worse” for the experience. They had about $500 left of the $1,800 they were reported to have brought with them. The girls disappeared from Cleveland the past month shortly after the Beatles gave a concert there. Authorities traced them to London and a UPI cameraman reported seeing two girls answering their description in the crowd that welcomed the Beatles home from their tour of the United States. Officials said Martha and Janice arrived in London Sept. 17, checked into a downtown hotel for two nights and then took an apartment in the fashionable Holland Park area.

Only eight states, including New York, refused to raise their highway speed limit to 65 mph when Congress gave permission two years previously. Now New York officials were gloating over a new federal report saying that the 40 states that raised their speed limit had a 31 percent increase in fatalities on rural Interstate highways. The other two, Alaska and Delaware, had no rural interstates. “New York declined, citing safety reasons,” state police Supt. Thomas Constantine said. “The record supports our decision to make highway safety the most important priority in establishing speed limits.”

In 1989, only half of the bridges that should be fixed the following year would be if more money was not added to Chautauqua County’s 1990 budget, according to George Riedesel, county public works director. The $1.5 million included in County Executive John Glenzer’s proposed budget was only half of what was needed, he told The Post-Journal. At a meeting earlier, Riedesel told the County Legislature’s Public Works Committee about what he described as the county’s “best year since 1930” in bridge building. That year, the county built 30 bridges.

The bakery made several different kinds of bread daily, the list including Swedish limpa rye, whole wheat, numerous kinds of rolls cakes and cookies

S.A., and ily.” She was a member of the senior class at Mayville, although she was a high school graduate in Lima. The Catholic Girls’ School she attended had approximately 2,000 students as compared to ily at Hartfield were Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Herbst, Cristie, a junior, Joan, 8th grade and Diane, a 1964 graduate who had entered Arizona State College at Flagstaff. After two more years of study in Peru, she would like to return to America or go to Germany for further education.

Two Ripley teenagers, police said, would be safe from any accusation of deviltry this Halloween. The reason was that they would be spending the next three weekends, beginning Saturday, in the Chautauqua County jail. Police said the boys began their halloweening at 1:50 a.m., Sunday, when they placed several bales of hay across Route 430, at the site of a highway construction project, west of Sherman, creating an obstruction and traffic hazard. When arraigned before Peace Justice Kinney, Mina Township, the boys pleaded guilty to the charges preferred against them by Deputies Harold Peters and Jerome Adams. The court ordered the boys to spend the three consecutive weekends in the county jail.

Modern automatic equipment enabled the Tasty Bakery to turn out uniformly good products at 17-estown. This establishment was conducted by Frank Jones and his four sons, who had been engaged in the baking business for many years. The Tasty Bakery was recognized as the best place to go for baked goods of all descriptions for in addition to tasting nice they were pure and wholesome for every member of the family to eat.

In 1964, rain, sleet, snow and even hail hit the Jamestown area early in the morning. Snow was reported on the ground at Gerry and Ellery Center. Along the Lake Erie plateau, however, the temperatures were reported mild and no snow was reported. Blinding snow was reported in the Celoron area at about 8 a.m. which lasted for about 10 minutes before changing to rain. Cold with showers or snow flurries was forecast for this day.

The Betty Weakland tabernacle on the south side of West Third Street in Jamestown between Porter and Hall avenues was to be abandoned and a modern church building in the Spanish style of architecture was to be erected in its stead, although the location would in all probability be elsewhere. Plans were being prepared and the matter of a site was being considered with several locations in view. The Weakland family had adopted Jamestown as its permanent home and planned to form a permanent church organization.

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